Inspection reports are critical, because they help buyers judge the condition of your vehicle with transparency and security. In fact, cars with inspection reports sell significantly faster.

Shortly after your vehicle is listed for sale with TRED, we will help you schedule an inspection at a TRED-certified inspection location. Inspections take 60-90 minutes. If your car has pre-existing damage, you may choose to get it repaired for a 10% discount, or you may choose to list it as is. You will be provided with a completed inspection report that you may email to or upload on your seller dashboard. We require that you upload your inspection report within 14 days of listing your vehicle for sale with TRED. 

If you are selling an exotic, electric or very new vehicle, we might not require you to get your vehicle inspected. In these instances, some buyers might still ask you to get an inspection performed, but it will be completely up to you to decide if wish to do so. 

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