If you buy a car from a dealer, you have to pay high dealer prices and spend hours at the dealership. If you buy a car on the private market, you expose yourself to fraud risk, you must pay cash and you must spend hours at the DMV. TRED is a digital dealership that takes care of all the paperwork, which means you don't have to set foot in the DMV or at the dealership. Plus, you get all the assurances of quality and payment convenience you'd find at the dealership, for an average of significantly less than dealer retail prices. Here are some of the benefits of buying with TRED:

*Free Carfax Vehicle History on All Vehicles - we offer a free Carfax report on all vehicles that will include accident, servicing and registration history.

*Free Buyer's Inspection - on older vehicles, we offer a free buyer's inspection from our ASE Certified team of mechanics.

*Hassle Free Financing - we offer a first in class platform that allows buyers instant approval and funding via a digital closing process with no financing fees or application fees of any kind. You won't have to sign a single piece of paper or meet a dealer - what could be easier than that?

*Trade In - we offer a trade in platform that allows buyers to get upfront credit towards any vehicle for sale on TRED.

*TRED Vehicle Protection - we offer comprehensive service contracts across a range of terms that will protect your investment for the life of your ownership.

*GAP Insurance - we offer insurance coverage to protect your investment in the event of a total loss of your vehicle.

*Make it Easy - we accept many different forms of payment and handle all of the paperwork and titling for you. 

*Skip the Hassle - you won't step foot in a dealership or DMV.


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