We will (at least temporarily) need to remove your listing. Every car on TRED.com needs to be in good working order, safe, and street legal. 

In most cases failing an inspection means your tires, brakes, seatbelts, signals or mirrors have degraded to the point where it is no longer safe or legally permissible to continue driving the vehicle. In these cases we will remove your listing until you have provided proof the damaged part has been replaced. 

In the event the inspection uncovers a more significant problem with the vehicle we will call you directly to talk through the options relative to your unique situation. In some situations it will make sense to put a little money into repair work in order to get more out of the vehicle when it sells. In others the best outcome might be selling the car in its current condition for a reduced price to a dealer partner. Either way, we will present you with the options and allow you to choose what makes sense for you. 

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