To evaluate the health of a patient, it's important to review their medical history, but it's also important to understand their current condition by conducting a thorough examination. The same rules apply to cars. Although Blinker does offer Carfax vehicle histories, its cars are not inspected, which means that you're buying a vehicle without understanding its current condition. In contrast, when you buy a car with TRED, you can review a comprehensive vehicle inspection that has been conducted by an ASE-certified mechanic, and as well as a VINAudit report, a Carfax report and an AutoCheck report. 

When you buy a car with TRED, you can rest assured that 100% of vehicles are acquired directly from the private seller that you interface with, which means that you're getting the best possible car for the best possible value. Conversely, Blinker sells rental car fleet vehicles and vehicles that it has repossessed from its borrowers. 

When you buy a car with TRED, you won't have to step foot in the DMV. We'll provide temporary permitting and registration, and we'll mail your permanent registration, title and license plates (in CA, your seller's plates will remain on the vehicle) as soon as they're ready. In contrast, when you buy with Blinker, you have to visit the DMV to process your registration and licensing. 

When you buy a car with TRED, you can choose from a suite of products offered by world-class financial institutions such as Ally, BECU and First Tech Financial, such as financing, warranties and GAP protection. These institutions have a minimum of $10 billion in assets under management, and you can rest assured that they will endure the next financial crisis. In contrast, Blinker provides its own financing and GAP products.  

Most importantly, you'll get a better deal. You can learn more about our pricing stats here.

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