In some cases, we charge sellers a small fee  ($19 or less) to list a car on TRED. We keep your starting cost low so listing is easy!

For Marketplace listings (we post your car on many different sites), once your car sells for a price you approve, we charge the greater of $499 or 2.99% (capped at $1,499). That fee is deducted from the amount we deposit into your bank account when your car sells through our platform. You can learn why we charge more to sell higher value vehicles here!

For Transact listings (you post wherever you like and you're protected when your buyer pays with TRED), we charge sellers 1.5% of the sale price of their vehicle. Again, this fee is only charged when the vehicle sells!

For both Marketplace and Transact listings, buyers pay a documentation fee depending on the state their vehicle will be registered within, which ranges from $85 to $199.

We're pretty excited about changing the used car market for the better and we keep out costs as low as we can so our customers come out ahead!

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