What follows are the fees charged by TRED. As you will see, they pale in comparison to the thousands of dollars and hours at the DMV you will save using our platform!

Upfront Publish Fee - Seller
For vehicles listed for $10,000 or less, we charge a $9 fee upfront to publish your listing. This covers our cost of the TRED Kit we will mail to you, and the registration and lien checks we will conduct with your state DMV. For vehicles listed for more than $10,000, we charge a $19 publish fee. 

Selling Fee Paid at Sale - Seller
When your vehicle sells, we charge a sale fee of the greater of $99 or 0.99% of your selling price. 

Restocking Fee Paid at Deactivation - Seller
If your vehicle doesn't sell through TRED, then after your vehicle is deactivated, we reserve the right to charge a restocking fee, on a case by case basis, if we determine that you connected with a TRED-sourced buyer. The restocking fee is the greater of $99 or 0.99% of your listing price at the time of publish. This covers our costs incurred marketing your vehicle. 

Documentation Fee - Buyer
We charge a documentation fee that varies by state and that partially covers our costs of insuring your transaction, keeping you out of the DMV, processing tax, title and registration monies, as well as providing temporary permitting that will allow you to drive your vehicle legally until your permanent plates or tabs arrive by mail. 

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