Selling - Pandemic Partnership
Due to increased demand from dealers to list cars on our platform as well as access our "contact-free" remote transaction technology to better sell cars in this unique time of crisis, we are allowing licensed dealerships in CA, TX, FL, WA and OR to list used cars for sale with TRED for a limited time. Things to note:

*You will need to photograph and list each vehicle individually (to the extent that this program is successful for dealers, we will invest in improving onboarding and listing management tools for dealers). 

*Before publishing each listing, we will audit that (1) your vehicle is controlled and marketed by your store, (2) you are employed at said store, and (3) you are a GSM or are authorized by a GSM to list your vehicle on our platform.

*Buyers sourced from TRED will have the option to digitally purchase through the TRED platform. In these instances, you will be required to dealer trade TRED for the vehicle at the price you agree to with your buyer.

*You will need to agree to our consumer seller fee structure. You may learn more about our consumer seller fee structure here

For specific questions about our Pandemic Partnership, please email or call (206) 855-5445.

You may not reach out to any of our private sellers with the intention of purchasing a vehicle. However, we do accept offers to purchase TRED listed vehicles from dealers who are part of our "instant offer" program. If you are a dealer, wholesaler, fleet services or auction services provider, and you are interested in learning more about TRED's "instant offer" program, you may send inquiries to

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