Do not provide your buyer with your title document in any scenario. In fact, we instruct our sellers to NOT bring their title document to test drives or transaction appointments. Even though we implement numerous screening protocols to protect you from fraud, it's important that you do your part to protect yourself. Once we've confirmed your buyer's payment in full for your vehicle, you will be instructed to release your title document to TRED, and we will help transfer temporary registration to your buyer. Otherwise, you expose yourself to a form of buyer fraud called "title skipping".

Title Skipping 101

Giving your title directly to your buyer will expose you to fraud in that your buyer may: 

  1. Make payment directly to you

  2. Sell your car without taking legal ownership (signing and processing title documentation), and either 

  3. Retroactively dispute their payment to you (leaving you powerless to prove that the buyer purchased the vehicle, since their name was never on the title), and/or

  4. Sell the vehicle to an unsavory party (leaving you liable as the selling party on the paperwork - which means that the authorities will come looking for you in the event of toll violations, parking violations, illegal reselling of parts, use of your vehicle as a get away car or much worse) 

We utilize advanced buyer screening procedures to filter out bad actors, and we have seen buyers attempt many types of fraud. Fraudulent transactions are burdensome for everyone involved. It's important to remember that any type of payment puts you at risk - even cash payment deposited into your bank account at your bank. THE ONLY WAY WE CAN PROTECT YOU 100% OF THE TIME AND GUARANTEE YOU PAYMENT IS IF YOU SEND TRED YOUR TITLE DOCUMENTATION.

You should not, under any circumstance, provide your buyer with your title document.

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