While shopping for a vehicle on TRED, you will see opportunities to enter information about your trade in vehicle for a TRED Trade Credit price that is based on what our dealer network will offer for your vehicle. Should you wish to trade in your vehicle as credit towards another vehicle offered for sale on our platform, you may choose to take your TRED Trade Credit price at any time. We will credit your price towards your vehicle for purchase and pick up your vehicle within two business days. 

If you live in a state that allows trade ins to be deducted from purchase prices, we will deduct the trade in value from your purchase price before charging your state's sales tax. For example, if your sales tax rate is 10%, your TRED Trade Credit amount is $8,000, and you purchase a car for $18,000, you will only owe sales tax on $10,000 - which will save you an additional $800 (the 10% tax rate multiplied by the TRED Trade Credit price reduction of $8,000)!

Until you accept your TRED Trade Credit, prices are subject to updates every 30 days, and might be adjusted higher or lower due to changes in local supply and demand dynamics.

Your TRED Trade Credit price is powered by our dealer partners and the vehicle information you provide. Once you accept a TRED Trade Credit price, your offer price is guaranteed, as long as the overall condition of your vehicle matches what you have represented. If it does not, the credit you receive for your vehicle might be adjusted higher or lower. 

If you're selling a car and buying a TRED car at the same time, TRED Trade Credit is the best way to pay. And, it can be used in conjunction with other TRED financing options. Learn more here.

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