First and foremost, you will want to be responsive when there is action on your vehicle's listing. The single best thing you can do to see the car sold is respond in a prompt fashion when an interested party schedules a test drive or asks you a question. Your response rate has a direct effect on time to sale. 

Additionally, you will want to keep the car clean, keep up with maintenance, and resolve any active recalls on the vehicle. Your competition here is every other car like yours on the local market. The more you can do to differentiate it the better. 

The more high quality photos you can upload the better. Ideally the car should be photographed from every angle with 8 exterior photos and 5-7 interior photos. 

Keep your TRED Kit in your glovebox when you receive it so it's handy when you find a sale. 

You will also want to take a realistic look at how much time you have to find a buyer and how that compares to your pricing. We will always be able to get you the absolute most for your vehicle, but doing so can take time. Please reach out to a member of our seller team for advice on successful pricing relative to the speed you would like to sell the vehicle, as well as other complicating factors (wear and tear, market considerations, etc). We are here to help and have years of experience to insure you get the best possible deal as quickly as possible. 

And if we require one, it always helps to get your inspection done quickly.

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