Yes! Buyers who have completed all pre-purchase steps and have made payment in full will be able to drive off into the sunset without delay! Read on to see what it takes to purchase in a hurry!

Financing - Buyers who are financing their purchase are encouraged to get pre-approved ahead of time and to meet up for a test drive during normal business hours. Meeting outside of banking hours could cause a delay in completing the finance process since your bank or credit union may need to be open to complete payment to Tred. We recommend applying for Tred Hassle-Free Financing for the quickest turnaround and easiest process!

ID Verification - In order to complete a purchase or sale through Tred, both buyer and seller must complete and pass ID Verification using our mobile app. Get that done before meeting up to speed up the sale!

Pay In Full - Financing? Chat with our team to make sure all steps are completed on your end. Once your lienholder has issued payment to Tred, we’ll let you know you’re all set to drive off with the car! Paying out of pocket? That’s simple - once Tred has confirmed that we’ve received your secure payment in full, we’ll get you on your way! 

Temporary Registration - Once the Tred team has confirmed your payment, we’ll issue you a temporary registration. That’s what you’ll need to legally drive off with your new vehicle! Simply print out a copy of that document before getting behind the wheel. We recommend test driving at FedEx locations so that printing this form is easy!

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