The majority of vehicles listed on TRED require an inspection to be completed at our cost at a TRED-certified inspection location within the first 14 days of listing. We mandate that a neutral third party complete these inspections to ensure a neutral viewpoint on the health of the vehicle, and we recommend that sellers get them performed as quickly as possible. 

Exotic, electric, and very new vehicles might be exempted from our inspection requirement. Buyers can still request that sellers have inspect-exempt vehicles inspected, although sellers are not required to provide inspections in these instances. 

Inspections take 60-90 minutes and cover the general health of the vehicle, tires, fluid levels, etc. While these inspections are provided as a service to buyers, vehicles are still sold as is and even the best mechanics can make mistakes. To ensure nothing goes wrong in the future, it is always advisable to add a vehicle protection plan before purchase. 

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