TRED lists your car on about a dozen major sites to get as many buyers’ eyes on it as possible! 

Coordinate: Instead of giving out any of your personal contact info, you will receive offers from buyers, messages from buyers, and test drive requests from buyers through TRED, and you can respond to buyers through the site or mobile app. 

Negotiate and Finance: We’ll even set buyers up with quality finance options through our lending partners, which means you’re more likely to find a qualified buyer quickly. You have full control over the price your vehicle sells for. 

Inspect: Most vehicles sold through TRED don’t have to be inspected, but a vehicle does need to be inspected in order to be eligible for financing or for a Vehicle Protection Plan. Most higher-value vehicles are purchased using financing, so if your vehicle is on the higher end and is no longer under manufacturer’s warranty you will likely need to have it inspected in order to sell. Don’t worry though - we’ll help to schedule the inspection and we’ll cover the cost!

CARFAX: We provide a free CARFAX report for every vehicle listed with us so that buyers have confidence in moving forward! They are posted for buyers to view on the vehicle's listing page.

Test Drive: In most cases, you will meet your buyer for a test drive, and in most cases, that test drive will happen at a local FedEx Office location (your test drive location is determined by you). If your buyer likes your car, they will agree to a price and complete your vehicle purchase directly through the TRED website or mobile app. At this point, we will notify you how to use your the transaction documentation we have provided to work with your buyer to complete the sale safely and securely. 

Get Paid: Once your buyer has paid in full, TRED acts as an escrow account and dealership to process payment securely and handle the transfer of your vehicle registration and title. This ensures a secure handoff without risk of fraud and keeps you and your buyer out of the DMV!

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