How it works:

Every vehicle listed through Tred is privately owned and stays with its owner until we have collected payment in full from a buyer. That said, we conduct a thorough VIN audit to make sure the title it clean, a registration check with the state to ensure that your seller is authorized to sell it, a Carfax report so that you may review the vehicle history, and many financing and insurance products to make your purchase easy and provide peace of mind once you've taken possession of your new vehicle.

Low pricing:

Because Tred allows you to work directly with the seller while avoiding the dealership infrastructure, our pricing is low. Really low. Go ahead and compare similar vehicles listed on our site to those on other dealer sites, and you'll see that we average about 30% below their pricing. You can learn more at

Interacting with your seller:

You can submit messages and test drive requests to the seller, as well as begin the process of buying online, directly from the vehicle’s listing page on our site. You will receive responses from the seller through our site or app.

Test drives:

Although we allow buyers to purchase without a test drive, we always advise test driving if you're local to the seller. In most cases, you will meet your seller for a test drive, and in most cases, that test drive will happen at a local FedEx Office location (which will allow you to print any necessary documents you need, should you decide to make a purchase).

Buy online:

If you like the car, you will purchase it from your phone or computer directly on Tred.

Avoid the DMV:

We will provide the paperwork, temporary permitting and transfer of registration and title you need to avoid the DMV completely.


Need to finance? TRED has several finance options, allowing you to apply right through our site and receive a quick decision with competitive rates available. You won't have to drive to a bank, sign a single piece of paperwork or meet a single car dealer in person. 


Need to protect your vehicle investment? We offer a range of Vehicle Protection Plan and GAP insurance, at a fraction of the typical retail cost. Some of our vehicles even come Tred-Certified with free limited warranties.

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