Test drives are a common and highly recommended part of any vehicle sale, but they can be the most intimidating step for some folks. Never fear! The Tred team has some great tips to keep you safe, calm, and confident!

Schedule Online Through Tred: Make sure you have your test drive logged in the Tred system with the correct date, time, and location so that we can keep track of where and when your meeting is taking place! Keep in mind that our ability to document your test driver’s identity and logging the time and location of your test drive through our site makes it very unlikely that you’ll find yourself in an unsafe situation. That said, it is always up to you who you meet up with and allow to drive your car. If you feel unsafe, stop the test drive and go somewhere you feel comfortable before contacting Tred support. 

Snap a Pic: Even though we require buyers to complete ID verification and risk assessment through our system before purchase, we still advise that you check your prospective buyer's driver’s license and proof of insurance. Make sure that the name and photo on the license match the name and appearance of the person you're supposed to be meeting before letting them in your vehicle. We also recommend that you take a photo of these items to ensure you’ll have everything you need in case of an accident. 

Buddy System: Nervous about meeting buyers on your own? Bring a friend! If you’re unable to bring someone with you, we’d advise meeting up near a police station or in a public space in plain view. 

Keep it Brief: Most test drives happen in under 30 minutes! If your buyer wants to purchase, we can often wrap up the whole transaction in under an hour, depending on their method of payment.

Here to Help: The Tred team is here seven days a week from 7am to 8pm Pacific!

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