What is a Vehicle Protection Plan?

A VPP is a low-cost way of protecting your purchase so that when your vehicle needs repair, or even if it breaks down when you’re out of town, you’re covered! It covers everything a manufacturer’s warranty would cover, and then some. It’s similar to opting in for protection on your phone or laptop, but since all vehicles will all need some repair work throughout their lifetimes they’re a particularly smart item to protect. 

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The Difference Between TRED and Traditional Dealers

Here at TRED, we don’t believe in being pushy with customers or upselling you on products you don’t need. Traditionally, Vehicle Protection Plans get a bad rap because people usually encounter them at brick and mortar dealerships where markups are high. 

So, how is TRED different?

TRED has a totally different business model than traditional dealerships do! Our goal is to disrupt the industry and create a platform that’s fair, accessible, transparent, and customer-oriented! 

The Vehicle Protection Plans we offer have the lowest markups we’ve seen in the industry. In some cases, we charge the lowest legal markup possible to keep your costs modest. With our prices, these plans are affordable, valuable, and prudent. 

If You’re Happy, We’re Happy!

We’ve found that the VPPs we offer, at our low prices, significantly improve our customers’ long-term happiness with their purchase. For this reason, we’re big fans of these plans and highly recommend them for most vehicles. We’d much rather provide our customers with a great experience that they’re happy with over time than charge you more than we have to on a VPP. 

Talk to a TRED team member to see if the vehicle you’re looking at would be a good fit for coverage - we’ll give you our honest opinion. 

What’s Covered By a Protection Plan?

The plan we offer is Ally’s most comprehensive protection plan! 7500+ components are covered, including high-tech and luxury components. 

In addition to vehicle repairs, this plan also covers Rental Reimbursement and Trip Interruption!

Rental Reimbursement: Ally will reimburse you for the cost of a rental vehicle or public transportation! Note that some limits apply so be sure to review your contract for details

Trip Interruption: If your vehicle breaks down while you’re on a trip and you need a place to stay, Ally will cover your overnight hotel and restaurant expenses. Again, note that limits do apply but Ally does their best to honor as many claims as possible!

Repair items that are not covered by the plan include: 

  • Tires 

  • Auto body parts, paint, trim, moldings

  • Glass, lenses, lamp assemblies, capsules, light bulbs

  • Routine maintenance like oil changes, engine tune-ups, wiper blades and suspension alignment 

  • Electric /hybrid vehicle charging units and charge cords, or solar panels

View a full list of exclusions at allypremierprotection.net

Where can I get my vehicle repaired using my VPP coverage?

Repair work can be done by any licensed repair shop in the US or Canada! Simply let the shop know that you’re covered by Ally Major Guard (their most comprehensive plan) and inform Ally that you’re making a claim. An Ally representative will work with the shop you take your car to in order to determine coverage and keep your experience top notch! 

Refundable Anytime

One of the best parts about these protection plans is that they can be cancelled at any point within the first 60 days of purchase - if you haven’t yet filed any claims, you’ll get a full refund! 

If you decide to cancel your plan down the road, it will always be refundable at a prorated amount. The goal of these plans is to provide you with the coverage you need, not to saddle you with bills you can’t handle. 

As you can tell, we’re pretty excited about the Ally Vehicle Protection Plans we have to offer and we want to make them as accessible to our customers as possible! 

As always, contact a TRED team member via web chat, email, text, or call if you need assistance - we’re here to help every day of the week!

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