When your buyer pays through Tred, your payment is guaranteed up to $200k. We'll ensure your buyer's payment is secure and, after they pick up your car, ACH the funds to your bank account on the same day*. You won't have to worry about handling large amounts of cash or verifying cashier's checks.

If you have a loan, we'll work with your bank to pay it off. Learn more about how we help sellers with a loan here: http://help.tred.com/en/articles/3163369-everything-you-need-to-know-about-loans-and-leases

Your buyer may also want to pay with TRED so they can use our online methods of payment, financing, or purchase a vehicle protection plan. We'll also register the car in their name so they don't need to visit the DMV.

*On weekends or after 9am, funds will be received on the next business day.

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