Used car buyers look for assurances. If you'd like, you can pay to make your vehicle "Tred-Certified", which means it will be sold with a 3 month 3,000 mile warranty that will cover your buyer's potential post-purchase cost of unforeseen repair bills and provide them with peace of mind. Before deciding to choose this upgrade, we will show you the list price increase we recommend in conjunction with your vehicle's certification. In most cases, to confirm your certification, you will be required to get a vehicle inspection at one of our local repair partners, which we will help you schedule and which we will pay for.

The cost of this upgrade varies by vehicle. In addition to the cost of the upgrade, you will be charged a $99 deposit. When your car sells through Tred, your $99 deposit is applied to your seller fee. If your car does not sell through Tred, the cost of this upgrade is refundable, although your $99 deposit is not. This upgrade may be added during onboarding, from your dashboard, or from your seller stats email.

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